Romania is a nation very rich in lifestyles and customs that have long vanished in other places around the world. It is a refreshing place to visit, as you will experience something new in your journey back in time. Romania is overflowing with traditions, perfect for people who are appreciative of culture itself.

Among the several reasons which may prompt one to travel to and experience Romania, the main one is probably the country’s diversity.

Nature is rich in Romania with the rolling hills and valleys of Bukovina and Maramures, the lush plains of Danube and mountainous regions of Transylvanian Carpathians, high plateaus of Transylvania.

The rich, cultural heritage, the important contribution of various ethnic groups across Romania, the varied landscape, as well as its people are just a few of the things that attract foreign visitors. Elsewhere around Romania, one may find late Byzantine art and traditions embodied in the many Orthodox churches and monasteries.

Whether you want to see the customs of the ancient festivals related to various celebrations throughout the year, such as Easter, Christmas, the New Year or ceremonies, the origins of which are centuries old, or conversely, modern performances, Romania is the place to come.

For those attracted by famous legends, such as Dracula‘s story, there is also a lot to explore, whether one wants to follow the footsteps of the real prince, 15th century Wallachian ruler Vlad Tepes (the Impaler), or be guided by the legend of Dracula, the Vampire.

Wherever you wish to go, whichever of the above appeals to you, remember that you can travel in time, anytime… around Romania, with AXA TRAVEL.