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Reasons to Visit Transylvania
Cluj Napoca
Dracula Legend

Sighisoara - The birthplace of Vlad Tepes, the real life Dracula

Sighisoara, one hour North of Brasov in the Heart of Transylvania, is straight out of medieval times. As the best preserved and only inhabited walled fortress in Europe, Sighisoara sees its share of Dracula fans. The real life Dracula, Vlad Tepes was born here (click to see more about Dracula) in a house that still stands, and has become a quaint restaurant serving traditional Romanian cuisine, as well as contemporary foods.
Once you enter the citadel, you will think you have stepped back some 500 years, as little has changed inside the walls of the fortress. Passing under the 64M clock tower, you will be mesmerized by the medieval architecture and buildings well preserved and still in use.

A must see in Sighisoara is the weekly market, as outlying villagers come in horse drawn carriages to sell there produce, cheese or meats. The market is an experience in itself for the old time feel and genuine people.

If you are planning a summer trip to Romania, you may want to consider the end of July, as the medieval arts festival hits Sighisoara, and is a must see if you are here. The population of Sighisoara grows more then 10 x as people from all over Europe come to see this work of art. Sword fights in the streets, with parades and a real Carnival feel, the town erupts with joy. You can witness a witch burning in the main square, or go to one of the numerous beer tents scattered all over town.

Moreover Transylvania is the birth place of Vlad Tepes and a fabulous county which one has to visit in order to acknowledge that it exists in reality. Many Dracula fans descend on Transylvania in search of the famous Prince/vampire; Vlad Tepes. Considered a hero to some, and a villain to others, Vlad Tepes was the Prince of Walachia, and a defiant defender of Christian beliefs against the Turks. The history and story of Vlad Tepes inspired Bram Stoker to base his novel Dracula, on this Prince whose reputation of a cruel, cold blooded, driven ruler, often referred to as "the Devil” transformed him into the modern myth of a vampire.
Sighisoara Vlad Tepes
Bran Castle
Legends and rumors vary from region to region on the subject of Vlad and Dracula; however the legend lives on; come see for yourself, and let your imagination run wild!
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