If your family has roots in Romania and you want to learn about your ancestors we can find out for you - where or how did they live, if they had any other descendants and how are they named.

Using this information, our company can organize for you a personal tour to visit the place where your family originated from.

Who knows? You might still have relatives to welcome you.

This is a trip you don't want to postpone ...

We have a rich experience to searching family roots for Jewish, German and others minority who leaving Southern Bucovina and Northern, Chernivtsi- Ukraine, Moldova (Moldavia) and Republic of Moldova (Basarabia).


Jaime and Tamar de la Zerda, Israel

Thank you so much for all your assistance before and during our trip to Romania and Chernivtsi, Ukraine. This was probably one of the most significant trips in our lives because of the personal and familiar aspects involved. We cannot imagine how would we had been able to manage without your assistance, serving us as our guide, translator, scout and driver - all at the same time...

We have the intention of returning to those magnificent lands in the not distant future, hopefully with the whole family, maybe in 1 or 2 years. For sure we'll contact you and we'll recommend your services to anyone that we know wants to travel to the Suceava area.

Warm regards,

Daniel Sternberg - Venezuela

We flew quite a few thousand miles to Bucovina to visit where our grandparents and great grandparents were born and used to live. We stayed in Suceava, Radautz and Chernivtsi (Ukraine). At all times with Gigi as our driver, guide and host. Gigi was always on time, able to acomodate requests and with the ability to resolve the few dificulties we experienced (Venezuelans need Visa for Ukraine). His English is very good, His Van comforable and the apartment in Suceava for rent is very clean, nicely decorated and perfectlyl located (maybe when you are entering the building/hall and elevator you might ask yourself if it was a good decission, but once inside you will find yourself home). The last day of our trip Gigi went out of his way so we can have a great traditional Romanian meal that we were missing.

Thanks Gigi and Best of Luck

For roots finding in countryside Romania places contact us