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Moldavia (Moldova - Romanian name, often referred to in the Western press as Moldavia, is not to be confused with the Republic of Moldova, its eastern neighbor) is a geographic and historical region and former principality in Eastern Europe, corresponding to the territory between the Eastern Carpathians and the Dniester river. An initially independent and later autonomous state, it existed from the 14th century to 1859, when it united with Wallachia as the basis of the modern Romanian state; at various times, the state included the regions of Bessarabia, all of Bucovina and (under Stephen the Great) Pokuttya. The western part of Moldavia is now part of Romania and the eastern part (Bessarabia) belongs to the Republic of Moldova, while the northern (Northern Bucovina) and south-eastern (Budjak) parts are territories of Ukraine.

Moldavia Historical Map  
Moldavia Historical Map In our enouncement we’ll call Moldavia as part of Romanian territory.

Moldavia  lies in the east of Romania; it stands out in relief thanks to its rich folklore and cultural attractions, natural beauty and its tumultuous history. The Moldavia’s national hero is Stephan the Great whose reign lasted from 1457 until 1504 and who led resistance against the Turks, during his reign period. He was called the “Athlete of Christ” by Pope Pius VI.

Moldavia was united with the principality of Wallachia in 1859 by Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Iasi becoming the capital of the Romanian state until 1862 when it was replaced by Bucharest.  At present, Iasi is still considered the “capital” of Moldavia, being one of the greatest cities in Romania. It has a great cultural tradition, being one of the most important university towns. There are also great monasteries, churches, public buildings and museums.

Moldavia Sights

Iasi - It has a great cultural tradition, being one of the most important university towns. There are also great monasteries, churches, public buildings and museums. Churches: Moldavian Metropolitan Cathedral (one of the best in the country), Church of the Three Hierarchs, Armenian Church (the oldest church at Iasi).

Iasi Trei Ierarhi Church
Bicaz gorge
Neamt Region - It is known as the region with most monasteries per square kilometer in the world. It boasts a rich and varied landscape, with elements of great beauty, and lots of cultural and historical vestiges. Many places and monuments such as: The Neamţ Fortress, The King's Court in Piatra Neamţ, The Palace of Princes in Durău are landmarks of history and the great trials of the people living in these lands. Not far from these, stand the Monasteries of Neamţ, Agapia, Văratec, Sihastria, Secu and Sihla proving once again the diligence and talent of the Moldavian people.

Neamt Monastery Agapia Monastery Zimbri - Bisons Neamt Monastery

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