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  TRANSYLVANIA - The land of Dracula
Reasons to Visit Transylvania
Cluj Napoca
Dracula Legend

Cluj Napoca - The hystorical capital of Transylvania

Cluj Napoca
Cluj-Napoca, often referred simply as "Cluj". Located along the Somes river valley, it is the historical capital of Transylvania and one of the most important cultural and economical cities in Romania. It is a gateway into Northern Transylvania and a great introduction to the country.

Located in north-western Romania, on the crossroads of important trade routes since ancient times. Cluj holds some of the oldest remains known to man from the Neolithic era. Later becoming a Dacian fortress then the Romania city of Napoca, this was a very important centre for the Roman-Dacians at these times. The name Cluj is derived from the latin word colusum, which translates to closed. It was called this by the Dacians due to its location, surrounded by hills protecting the city.

During the middle ages Cluj was the social and cultural centre of Transylvania. At this time many theatres and opera houses where built that are still in use today, in both the Romanian and Hungarian language.

Today Cluj is a very lively and vibrant city and an important tourist destination in Transylvania. The Baroque architecture found in most of the centre's buildings bring a uniqueness to the city's look. The main square is dominated by the magnificent gothic church of St. Michael, built by the Saxons in 14C, it is the biggest church in Romania. In front of the church you will find a statue of Matthias Corvinus, a great King in Hungary's history. A journey across the Somes river is a must when visiting the city, from the terraces of Hotel Transylvania you can with hold a spectacular panoramic view of the city.

Another must see is The National Gallery (Banffy Palace) offering exhibits from the 4th century of Romanian art focusing on the art and history of Transylvania.

In Cluj you will also find many interesting restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs set in old houses and dark cellars in stylish and romantic atmosphere. The city is abundant of life and culture, and you will want to spend some time soaking in the social scene on one of the many terrace bars throughout the city.

• St. Michael Church
• The National Art Museum (Banffy Palace)
• Botanical Garden
• Tailors' Tower
Cluj Napoca
Cluj Napoca
Cluj Napoca
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