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  BUCOVINA - The land of Painted Monasteries
Reasons to Visit Bucovina
A Brief History of Bucovina
Bucovina General Information
Traditions and Customs in Bucovina

Bucovina General Information

Geographical Location
In Romania the term (Southern)Bucovina is one of the historical provinces of Romania, which located to the N-E of Romania and is synonymous to Suceava County with the same name for county capital.

The climate is temperate - continental with four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. Winter is a cold season with snow, winds and temperature under 0° C. Is time for ski and other winter sports. Spring means flowers, rains, but in the mountains spring came later in April or May. Summer is the best season for trips: sunny days, short stormy rains. The autumn is the season of warm colors, great for hiking and trekking in the nature.

How to Get to Bucovina
Once the capital of Moldova (from 1388 until 1565), Suceava is an excellent starting point for trips to the many historical, cultural and natural attractions travelers can enjoy in the Bucovina region. Suceava is also the gateway to visiting the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina.

By plain
If you are flying into Romania from Europe Otopeni International Airport - Bucharest will most likely be your transit destination after to connect with domestic flights by TAROM airlines toward Suceava.
From Western Europe (Italy, Germany, Greece, Austria, Hungary) with CARPATAIR airlines flying direct to Suceava.

By train
Transport by train from Bucharest to Suceava connected railway Bucharest–Bacau–Suceava-Vicsani, with embranchment Suceava–Radauti-Putna and Suceava–Gura Humorului-Câmpulung Moldovenesc-Vatra Dornei.
Transport by train from/to Transilvania coupled Timisoara-Iasi and linked the most important town from west country: Arad, Oradea, Cluj Napoca, Dej passing Bucovina cross Carpathians, follow places Vatra Dornei, Cîmpulung Moldovenesc, Vama, Gura Humorului, Suceava.
See more information about train schedule table at CFR.

By car
Situated in North-East of Romania, Bucovina connected by network national and european roads with all country. Suceava is 450km distance from Bucharest and 330km from Cluj Napoca.
European road E 85 / DN 2 national road, Bucuresti – Bacau – Falticeni – Suceava – Siret connected Bucharest capital to Suceava, approx. 6-7 hours by car.
European road E 576 /DN 17 national road passing Vatra Dornei town distantly 110 km from Suceava (approx. 2 hours by car) and Tihuta pass (Dracula Pass -Carpathians mountains) to Transilvania.
DN 17A connect Siret– Radauti– Sucevita– Câmpulung Moldovenesc and  national road DN18 link Iacobeni – Ciocanesti – Borsa, forward to Maramures county.

Bucovina Monastery Tour Bucovina Monastery Tour
On this tour you will discover the best painted monasteries of Bucovina, history of this land
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This is a great introductory tour into the traditional life of the villages of Europe's last frontier: Maramures.
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